Products We Carry


Ion Exchange Resins

– Uniform Bead Size Amberjet and Monosphere resins
– Mixed Bed (ready to use) resins
– Demineralization resins Co-Flow Regeneration
– Softening resins
– Demineralization resins Reverse-Flow Regeneration Dealkalization resins
– Condensate Application resins
– Organic Scavenger resins
– Stratified Bed resins
– Nuclear Grade resins
– Mixed Bed (make-up DI) resins
– Stator cooler resin

Filter Media

– Activated Carbon
– Anthracite
– Filter Sand
– Filter Gravel
– Greensand
– Garnet 

Reverse Osmosis Membranes

– Filmtec

Special Products

– Eductors for resin installation – for sale or on loan
– Instructions for resin removal and sampling
– Technical Literature for trouble shooting procedures